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Who are we ?

Hello gentlemen Myself Jalaamrit But this is not my real name due to privacy.I am from a small village of Punjab belongs to a middle class family.I have three sisters.We all are studying in lower standards.Everything was running smoothly,suddenly my father died then our life stopped there.We shocked to see our situation.My mother was illetrate so se was helpless.So,all the responsibility of my house was on my shoulder.My sister was younger than me so they can’t do anything.So I thought about to stop my college study and forced to do job. But my job didn’t end our troubles. Thinking about Sister’s wedding and the pressures of home,I am unable to sleep.

I am very graceful from childhood and I was proud to be so beautiful.I was famous in my college for my beauty.I also good in dancing and singing.I always think to go out for dance parties.That’s why I thinking towards big cities by leaving small town.Taking thousands of dreams in the eyes and give them a picture the city surfaced named “Ahmedabad”.Now the problem is to agreed my mother after importunity she agreed.Now I have to go to Ahmedabad. I told my college friends about going to Ahmedabad.One of my friend told me that her uncle has connection in film industry.She give the contact number and the address of her uncle.By taking them I filled my life’s first flight status.I reached in Ahmedabad but I can’t get the address of my friend’s uncle.I feel very sad.I daily goes out in search of work but didn’t find any work.I became so frustrated.

That trend continued for some days.When my mother called me then I have to tell them lie that everything is running fine.My money was also ending. If I thought to return to my village then my life is at the point of end.So I can’t go back return to my village.All the ways has been closed.There was no any way to be seen.The entire city is running but I am cody (freeze).There were no one to ask me that who are you? What do you want? No one is there to help me.No any person came to help me to move forward.After a day with luck have given.I was walking on the roof,An aunty living in front of my house (Named Varsha, Not real name) says Hello to me.I shocked because she was very rich and she has everything which a person needs to live happily and complete their all requirement.Every human being is looking for mental and physical pleasures and spent their complete life to collect them.My aunt, who successively became familiar slowly.After sometime we became good friends.Then she asked me the reason of coming Ahmedabad. I tell them everything clearly.Then she invited me to join escort service.Firstly I hesitate to listen that but slowly she told me everything about escort.Then I got the point that except that there is no way to earn money and away from the loneliness.

What are we ?

So I started to work in Ahmedabad escorts agency but I were paid less there so I thought to work as an Independent escort although the service has been given by us.So why we give partnership to others. Then I told my idea to my friends there in Ahmedabad escorts agency.Some of them wants to work with us. I asked them to send me the photographs of themselves and told them how to work as independent escorts.We hire a web designer and web developer also because we don’t know about site making.I told the web designer to everything.We do all our work with honesty and reality.We have Models, college girls,housewives,desi call girls etc in our group.They do their all work with reality,honestly and discipline.

Our inspiration about our sevice.

All our co-workers are beautiful,healthy and fulfill your all requirements.They all do what you want.They remove the loneliness of your life.They will take to you at the happiest moment of life.If you want to really feel the happiest moment,rid away from the loneliness of your life,want to full enjoy with our hottest girls collection then just pick up your phone and ring me on the given contact number on the top of the page.We are always at your service.You can select any type of girls from our wide range of beautifull girls.We would take to you at the top of pleasure.We would never leave you to feel alone.We become your companion in your loneliness.We will never let you sad.We will give you full satisfaction and happiness, that you never find in your life.